Sunday, December 03, 2006

Harry Tuttle

1)-André Bazin's Qu'est-ce que le cinéma?(1958) The Bible for understanding the nature of cinema and to form a rigorous critical awareness.

2) Andrei Tarkovsky's Sculpting In Time (1988) The philosophy of one of the greatest, what cinema means and how it's formed.

3) Trafic #50 : "Qu'est-ce que le cinéma?" (Summer, 2004) Serge Daney's revue published a compilation of essays on the nature of cinema, criticism and cinephilia by great writers, filmmakers, critics, living or dead.

4) Radio program :Le Cinéma L' après-midi (cancelled now) Weekly roundtable of filmmakers talking about other's films and cinema in general. With Pascal Bonitzer, Catherine Breillat, Philippe Grandrieux, Claire Denis, Emilie Deleuze...

5) Critique et Cinéphilie (2001)Compilation of essential articles published in Cahiers over the years about film criticism and the relationship of critics with cinephilia. Among which : Fereydoun Hoveyda's Sunspots (1960); Serge Daney's La Fonction Critique (1974); Louis Skorecki's Against New Cinephilia (1977)

Paris-based critic Harry Tuttle is the publisher of >screenville and the coordinator of the Unspoken Cinema blog-a-thon, scheduled for January 8. (For details, click here and scroll down.)


Blogger HarryTuttle said...

5 was too short, I only mentionned the essential influences that I look up to. But I should also mention my introduction to film criticism with the sleuth workshop at Lost on Mulholland Dr., acquarello's Strictly Film School, the cinephile discussions at Doug Cummings' Film Journey and Girish, a a_film_by... I wish I could also cite Jonathan Rosenbaum, David Borwell, Senses of Cinema if I was a more studious reader.
I hope this balance out a little toward online influence too.

8:54 AM  
Blogger Matt Zoller Seitz said...

Hey, Harry--Do you know if there are any English language transcriptions, or even citations or summaries, of the radio broadcasts you mention? I am curious to learn more.

10:17 AM  
Blogger HarryTuttle said...

I'm afraid not, Matt... not that I know of. There is not even an online archive of the audio files! Only the menu of each broadcast since 2003 (in french, maybe you can use an online translator).
Maybe they will publish a book some day... but I'd be surprised.
And it's a shame. I just hope it will come back on the air.
I also took notes from another of this show, when they invited Bruno Dumont. I wish I did more transcripts.
And here is a selection of the criticism on radio I listen to, where I talked about this show.
I'll send you an email if there is any news of a publication.

12:06 PM  

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